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Fighting Mission

Get into the thick of the action as do you battle against enemy tanks in a quest to defeat the enemy and protect your base from destruction.


  • Army War Nission

    Quality Graphics will Keep You in the Action

    Killer graphics will keep you on the edge of your seat as you do battle against enemy tanks.

  • Military Shooting Task

    EXPLOSIVE Audio!

    Get into the thick of the action with awesome realistic audio to experience the all the action.

  • Military Fighting Task

    Full iOS Retina Display

    Army Tank Game looks absolutely stunning on the iPhone’s retina display. You can see every detail of the CGI created graphics and you’ll be dazzled by the multiple in-game custom graphics!

  • iPhone app

    Army Tank Game for iPad

    Army War Games will be available for iPad soon! The graphics are totally awesome and really show of the capabilities of the new iPad. This app will keep you entertained for hours!


This is an ARMY TANK SHOOTING MISSION like no other! This will entertain and challenge you!

All this on Army Tank Game.

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iPhone Apps
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iPad Apps

What are you waiting for? Start playing the ultimate game. This will keep you enthralled for hours. Go and grab the app for FREE on the appstore now. Use the button below.